Plasma Rotate Electrode Process(PREP)


Plasma Atomization(PA)



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Our powders have high purity, making them compatible with the industrial applications such as: AM,MIM,HIP,Laser cladding and so on.

Additive Manufacturing

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  AVIMETAL has a professional R&D team of metal 3D printing materials, with rich experience in alloy powder material design, preparation, modification, printing, heat treatment, etc.According to the working conditions of 3D printing parts in specific application fields, AVIMETAL starts with material problems and researches material composition, printing process and heating treatment technology to solve the industry's pain points and helpes users grow.


   As specialists in spherical metal powder production designed for additive manufacturing, AVIMETAL offers quality powders for all additive manufacturing technologies. Our level of precision powders are available at competitive prices–allowing for reliable and cost-efficient production.

 Powder properties: High sphericity, smooth surface, less satellite ball, low oxygen content, uniform particle size distribution and good fluidity.
   Suitable technology: Powder is mainly used in additive manufacturing 3d printing (SLM/EBM/DED/DMLS technologies) and powder metallurgy (PM).
   Powder application: Superalloy powders are widely used in industrial and aviation turbines, petrochemicals, nuclear reactors, laser cladding and other fields.
   Product Specifications: 0-25μm, 0-20 m, 15-45μm, 15-53μm,20-63μm, 45-105μm,50-150μm. We can customize metal powder according to customer's requirements.