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Our powders have high purity, making them compatible with the industrial applications such as: AM,MIM,HIP,Laser cladding and so on.

Laser Cladding

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  AVIMETAL offers a wide range of metal powders for laser cladding applications, including stainless steels, tool steels, cobalt-based hard facing alloys and nickel superalloys.


Nickel-based alloy powder


   Nickel-based alloy powders are divided into nickel-based heat-resistant alloys, nickel-based wear-resistant alloys, and nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloys. It has excellent comprehensive properties such as oxidation and corrosion resistance, wear-resistant particle wear and good impact toughness.

  Widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, iron and steel metallurgy and other equipment surface strengthening and repairing; suitable for laser cladding, high-speed/ultra-high-speed laser cladding, thermal spraying/spray welding, plasma surfacing and other surface treatment processes.

  AVIMETAL provides Ni20, Ni60, Inconel625 nickel alloy powders with particle size 20~53μm or 53~150μm for this application.




Cobalt-based alloy powder

  Cobalt-based alloy powder is a cobalt-based high-temperature wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy, which is widely used in surface strengthening or repairing industries such as engine valves, high temperature and high pressure valves, turbine blades, and metallurgical equipment.

  AVIMETAL provides Co06, Co40 cobalt-based alloy powders with particle size 20~53μm or 53~150μm for this application.







Iron-based alloy powder

  Iron-based alloy powder is the most widely used and cheap surface material. Its coating has high hardness, high strength and high toughness, accompanied by a certain degree of temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. It is used in metallurgical equipment and coal machine repairing, hydraulic props and engineering machinery cylinders, and high-speed melting. Covering instead of electroplating has a wide range of applications.

AVIMETAL provides Fe01, Fe06 and Fe31 iron-based alloy powders with particle size 20~53μm or 53~150μm for this application.





AVIMETAL powders for thermal spraying

  High-temperature anti-oxidation alloy powder NiCrAl, NiAl, In718, C276, etc. for thermal spraying are widely used in heat-resistant coatings such as aero engine blades, gas turbine blades, navigation rudder wings, and thermal barrier coating (TBC) bonding transition layers to improve the bonding strength and thermal shock resistance of the ceramic layer.

  AVIMETAL provides MCrAlY, NiCrAl,NiAl,Inconel718,Inconel625 and C276 powders with particle size 15~53μm or 45~105μm for this application.