Plasma Rotate Electrode Process(PREP)


Plasma Atomization(PA)



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Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) or additive layer manufacturing (ALM) is the industrial production name for 3D printing, a computer controlled process that creates three dimensional objects by depositing materials, usually in layers.


Other Co Alloys' Grades


CoCrMoW Spherical Powder

CoCrMoW powder is a cobalt chromium alloy powder, mainly in the Co and Cr elements added Mo, W and other elements, with a small amount of Si, Fe, etc., with antioxidant properties and corrosion resistance.

Product CoCrMoW Powder
Particle Size 15~53um/15-45um
Hall Flowability s/50g 15s/50g
Appearent Density g/cm³ 4.5
Tap Density g/cm³ 5.2
Oxygen ≤300ppm

Mechanical Performance(Room Temperature)

Tensile Strength Elongation Gold porcelain binding strength
1025±50MPa 18±2% 58MPa

Note:The printing performance parameters in this table are the data in heat treatment state. 

CoCrMo Spherical Powder

CoCrMo is a kind of Stellite alloy, with properties of good resistance to wear and corrosion. Suitable for the production of knives, tooth crown bridge, etc.

Product CoCrMo Powder
Particle Size 15~53um/15-45um
Hall Flowability s/50g 18s/50g
Appearent Density g/cm³ 4.33
Tap Density g/cm³ 4.87
Oxygen ≤500ppm

CoCrW Spherical Powder

CoCrW , a kind of stellite alloy,has good anti-thermal corrosion properties and high hardness, and is widely used in marine and other industries.

Product CoCrW Powder
Particle Size 15~53um
Hall Flowability s/50g 16s/50g
Appearent Density g/cm³ 4.56
Tap Density g/cm³ 4.9
Oxygen ≤500ppm


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