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Electrode Induction Melting Inert Gas Atomization Equipment(EIGA)



Electrode Induction Melting Inert Gas Atomization Equipment(EIGA)

The electrode induction melting inert gas atomization process was developed by Avimetal as an alternative, ceramic-free melting and atomizing process to produce high-purity, reactive, refractory and precious metal powders. EIGA, as one of the leading processes for high quality manufacturing of titanium, zirconium, niobium and tantalum alloy powders, are widely used for Selective Laser Melting, Laser Melting Cladding, and Electron Beam Selective Melting, Powder Metallurgy etc.

Working Principle

1. Smelting Process

Melting: Firstly filling the high purity insert gas into the vacuumed furnace, then prealloy bar will be put into a specially designed, conical induction coil by lifting and rotating equipment. Under the action of electromagnetic field, the electrode bar melts and the beam droplets fall into the special atomization nozzle.

2. Atomization Process

A vacuum induction melting unit is integrated with an inert gas atomization unit. The combination of molten metal and gas jet creates a spray of micro-droplets that solidifies in the atomization tower and forms fine powder with spherical shape.


3. Powder Collecting Process: Finally the fine powders are collected by a cyclone separation system.



Ø High quality powders with highest sphericity, crucible free and contamination free, suitable for producing high valued metal powders with high purity.


Ø The starting materials are variable, alloy ingredients, master alloys, recycling powders;


Ø Rapidly solidified and homogeneous microstructure

---the rate of droplets solidification can reach to 103~106K/s;

---fast solidification into tiny microcrystalline tissue;


Ø High purity:the low content of OHN and impurity are very low under vacuum ultrafine melting.


Ø High sphericity and controlled particle size:  tightly coupled or freestyle atomization nozzle technology is used.


Ø Easy to operate and cost effective, the production preparation is short, and can realize the continuous and large scale manufacturing.

Technical Parameters

Name  Electrode Induction Melting Inert Gas Atomization Equipment
Diameter of Inductive Electrode 30~75mm
Length of Inductive Electrode 200~1000mm,Or upon client’s requirements
Highest Melting Temperature


Smelting Power 60kW~120kW
Limit vacuum pressure

  6.67×10-3 Pa

Pressure-up Rate


Atomization Gas Temperature

0~6MPa,Nozzle pressure affordable 8MPa

Flow rate of Gas Atomization


Common Particle Size Range


Size of Equipment

Different size for different furnace;

Pits can be used when the height of the user site is limited
Notes: The technical parameters can be customized upon the client’s different requirements. 


Turnkey Projects


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